My mother's love for nud!ty embarrasses me. At home she prefers to walk around n@ked, saying she can do as she likes in her own home. Although all of us have left home, I dread visiting her as calls for her to at least wear u.nderwear are ignored. Am I wrong to judge her?

Aunty replies:

Well, as you say, it's her home and her body. At least she is doing that in her own house. You are going there knowing what she likes to do. Clearly, she does not care that other people feel uncomfortable and offended by it. You will have to constantly ask her to cover up, but it looks like you will have to prepare yourself whenever you visit. Some people enjoy their bodies and enjoy it more when it is free.

MOM replies:

Her house, her rules. If visiting her embarrasses you, don't visit her. Wait for her to visit you. Clearly, she's not prepared to take instructions from you. Play along or play alone. She has her reasons why she prefers nud!ty. Don't judge her, it's futile.

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